Psychological support for the weak, organize and strengthen communities, CBOs and partners, community-based management of natural resources and environment, communication, training, communities of practice and indigenous people empowerment, research, compile and sharing documents.

Train indigenous farmers in natural agricultural techniques. Connect them with each other and with experts in natural agriculture, and help them understand the natural agriculture of their ancestors. Collect and compile highland agricultural experience, and research new agricultural concepts. Raise awareness of economic, environmental, natural resource, and sanitation issues among indigenous farmers.

To improve the lives of communities, we can strengthen their capacity for self-development, raise awareness among women and children of environmental issues, advocate for civil society and local communities, promote training in sustainable agricultural practices, and study, research, compile, and disseminate information about sustainable agriculture and local development work.

Our Team

Hing Bunnath

Executive Director

+855 99 686 721

Khut Khim

Program Manager

+855 17 321 686

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Admin-Finance Manager

Houn Me

Houn Me

Admin-Finance Officer

+855 15 732 486

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